Epicurean Food Hall, Liffey street and Georges Street Arcade

Ugly Duckling Dublin


The Ugly Duckling Dublin is the brainchild of chef Derek Marsden and bar manager Darragh Nugent. The two lifelong friends strive to bring the most innovative, tasty, jaw dropping sandwiches available to mankind.

Our efforts to produce these flavoursome concoctions, are helped on by handpicked ingredients.

That’s why we make a promise to the people of Dublin to:

  • Use only the freshest bread, baked daily in the heart and soul of Dublin.
  • Never use substandard meat. All of our meat is Irish.
  • Always make our own home-made sauces. We are famed for our sauces, after all what is a brisket baguette without gravy, a Pittsburgh without BBQ or a Po’Boy without cajun creole mayonnaise. If the sauce ain’t right, we aint makin’ the sandwich.
  • Buy market fresh vegetables daily, for the crisp, juicy, unrivalled flavour profile that only the best veggies bring.


Ugly Duckling Dublin Est 2013. Tasty as…


This is one of our most popular sandwiches, its our Pittburgh Sandwich, soft white baguette baked fresh every day from the bakers on Lifey St., lettuce, tomatoes, chips, delicious pulled pork in BBQ sauce topped with coleslaw.....Tasty as.


This is a big favourate among our regulars a Po'Boy sandwich, fresh white baguette, lettuce, tomatoes, mayonaise, cajun creole prawns with a cajun mayonaise. Def a must try.... Read this if you dont believe us!


A selection of some of out Tasty as sanswiches and burgers. If you are looking for good value and delicious food then Ugly Ducklin is where you want to be.